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Operating Sectors

Oil and Gas
High-tech companies

Implementation of the first installation of Convergent Mediation, module of SAP BRIM in Brasil, in 2016.

Providing solutions, development and business response in the Latin America region, in Digital Route projects.

Quality of implementation of DigitalRoute technology that is used by most important companies in the world

● High class
● Expertise
● Certificates in Convergent Mediation (MediationZone)

Local Support

Technical and Soft skills profile
● Project Management Methodology (Agile, waterfall)
● “Customer first” View

● Consulting
● Project Management
● Resource allocation
● Bussiness processes
● Mediation and data management
● Order management and provisioning
● Billing/Customer Services

Good Sign is a subscription and pay-per-use solution that complements your ERP and CRM (Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Salesforce). It gives you the freedom to manage customer contracts and a fully automated order-to-cash process.

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Good Sign software helps you eliminate common problems in the recurring income business:

● Income drain eats up growth and profits.
● Too much manual labor and slow cash flow.
● Slow launch of new offers to the market.
● Billing problems hurt customer satisfaction.
● Challenges of transparency and compliance with IFRS / GAAP.
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The DigitalRoute Platform is an extremely agile tool that has followed the direction of Digital Transformation. Today it is being used in the following areas:

● Monetization of usage data.
● Consolidation of complex systems.
● Automation of manual processes.
● Mitigation of loss of revenue (“quote-to-cash”).

In addition, it continues its journey started over 20 years ago in the Telecom area, together with the largest operators in the world. Today, it processes over 500 billion transactions/day and works together with the 5G pioneers.

Benefits for your company

After an M&A process, our platform allows you to quickly eliminate the main systems of the acquired company (s), such as CRM, CPQ, billing and reporting. Then, you can produce a single invoice, supported by a single product catalog and a unified “quote-to-cash” process.

Technological activator of the practice of digital transformation, it facilitates the automation of processes, the integration with digital channels and end-to-end data management strategies.

By including the platform usage data layer between transactional platforms and billing components, your company will be able to add smart features that will allow:
● Segmentation,
● Categorization
● Guidance of billable transactions in billing systems with enriched data.

There are many data integration tools on the market, but we offer the only solution designed specifically for financial data. By using revenue assurance techniques it is possible to eliminate loss of revenue caused by the inefficiency of manual processes. We consolidate financial systems in the most complex environments, at high speed and with zero data loss.

The lack of limitation on horizontal scalability will allow your company to increase its infrastructure to process billions of records per day, combining batch and real-time processes.

MediationZone, allows the process of normalization and consolidation of several legate systems in a single entity. By normalizing the information provided to different legate systems, it is easier to turn off legate applications one by one, as the information is now independent of any platform or application.

It has the features to easily support REST APIs and connect a variety of devices with different integration technologies. API lifecycle management.

The platform can be deployed “on premise”, a non-virtualized environment (“bare metal”) or in public or private cloud services.

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